What is iBRAND?

iBRAND is an attitudinal mind-set in how we position ourselves to various targeted audiences. I am a firm believer that individuals can be brands. Not in the traditional consumer sense like Proctor & Gamble; but in a deeper one-to-one relationship with those whom you serve. How each of us positions ourselves within our individual enterprises, as well as the business community as a whole, dictates our future success. The same branding principles used in companies every day can be tailored to individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. If great brands are about relationships, then individuals have the greatest opportunity to brand themselves.

iBRAND is based on three important core pillars: credentials, standards and style. It’s taking the time to evaluate your individual progress toward your overall goals and making the proper adjustments within these three core building blocks.

The Late Gary Sain
The Late Gary Sain

How well you execute your personal brand based on these core pillars will determine how your targeted audience perceives you. Your targeted audiences are individuals you want to influence. These are your customers, your boss and your peers, maybe others. These three core pillars of iBRAND help reinforce your personal brand’s distinction, esteem, relevance, and awareness to these targeted audiences.

The Man Behind iBRAND

iBRAND was created by the late Gary Sain over 20 years ago. As a leading figure in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, Gary was not only known as a marketing and branding expert, but an expert for personal branding. The key is to think of yourself as a brand. It’s about positioning yourself to reach your goals, creating a personal distinction, and crafting a road map to get you to where you want to go. Gary was extremely passionate about this topic because it helped him achieve his goals and become a respected leader in the industry.

As President & CEO, Gary re-branded The Orlando Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau to Visit Orlando. Gary led the organization that markets and sells the Orlando area as the #1 family destination in the world, and one of the top meetings destination in America. His professional efforts led to Orlando being the first U.S. destination to reach 50 million visitors, and earned him recognition as one of the 25 most powerful people by MeetingNews Magazine 2007 and 2008, Orlando’s most influential tourism executive by Orlando Business Journal 2008, the 50 Most Powerful People in Orlando’s Hall of Power 2012, U.S. Travel Hall of Leaders 2012, Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association (CFHLA) Charles Andrews Memorial Award for Leadership 2012, The Convention Industry Council (CIC) Hall of Leaders 2014, International Associations of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) Lifetime Achievement Award 2012, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) Hall of Leaders 2016 and the Dick Pope Legacy Award 2016.

Gary passed away on May 4th, 2012 leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire others for future generations. As his wife (Pamela) and daughter (Olivia,) we are continuing his message through our book titled: iBRAND- The Next Generation. iBRAND is a collection of Gary’s published articles, notes, presentations and testimonials from friends and colleagues around the world. These chapters contain stories that are full of good life lessons we believe are in danger of becoming obsolete. We hope Gary’s legacy will inspire so many others to be the best they can be and enjoy work and life to the fullest. In researching and publishing this book, we have come full circle. We have taken on his mantle because we are proud to be extensions of Gary and his brand. We always will be. And no doubt we always were.