A brand is the bond you create with those around you and the belief they have in your ability to deliver on the promises you make. You must be consistent in your messages, your priorities, and your ethics.

Mark McHugh - President & CEO, Gatorland

While technology makes it easier to build your personal brand, your day to day interactions with others are what truly define your legacy. As time passes, memories of projects, meetings, networking events and the like will fade, but your peers will remember what you stood for, what you believed in and how you made them feel. That’s what iBRAND is all about.

Abraham Pizam, Ph.D. - Dean, Rosen College of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida

The iBRAND concept is about the power of ‘I’- the power of understanding your strengths and your ability- the power to set things in motion- the power to begin to change the world.

Steve Joyce - CEO, Choice Hotels International

The iBRAND should always come first in business and continue to be burnished.

Steve Moore - President & CEO, Visit Phoenix

iBRAND is a state of mind that everyone should emulate.

Jay Santos - Global Business Development, Trend Group of Companies

The iBRAND concept is wonderful.

Bob Wright - President, Vision Marketing & Communications

I learned how to be more conscious of my own professional and personal brand. That these are really one in the same and the importance of always being true to your own brand. My brand is all I have, so my world is focused on delivering value in my own personal brand.

Bob Dees - Vice President/Team Director, ConfernceDirect