April 19, 2015

The Benefits of Giving Back!



“You have only one life to live. Outside of work and family…give 1/3rd to your favorite charity, 1/3rd to community service, and 1/3rd to a service organization…it makes you complete.” Gary Sain

There are great rewards when you give back. A feeling that money can’t buy. A life of service will give you a positive outlook and you will gain great strength and knowledge in helping others. You are more likely to meet other individuals who share some of the same qualities that are important to your personal brand.

Is there any individual, book, or organization that truly brings you great inspiration? You might even think of someone you have admired or looked up to your whole life. Whether they are living or deceased. Take inventory of the qualities they have that moved you to be inspired.

We all have a discernible difference. I am a firm believer that everyone has a gift or talent that makes them different from the next person. The next step is how do you identify it? What do you do to implement it in a positive way?

Our purpose changes as we go through life. When we are young, it can be as simple as our education or landing the right job. Later, it may be finding a partner, marriage, or raising a family. Life continues to evolve. We might define purpose differently as we age. After we experience loss of a loved one, our purpose might even be continuing to complete a dream our loved one was not able to finish.  I know we ask ourselves how can I make a difference? Think of a pebble that you throw into a pond and watch the rippling effect.

Everyone has a different definition of purpose. It’s what drives us to get up each morning, get dressed, and hit the ground running! Growing up, a constant slogan in our household was “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” That has truly been the motto when things don’t go as planned.


1. Do you already give back to a service organization?

2. What motivates you to get involved?

3. Is there a story behind why you chose your specific charity?

4. What have you learned about yourself and your outlook on life through giving back?

One person truly can make a difference! 

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