March 3, 2017

A New Life, A New Path


I’ve learned that nothing ever goes according to plan. As my father always taught me, “Expect the unexpected!” Life is unpredictable. When we are young, we have plans. We think we know what we want to do. We plan our entire lives around where we are going. We pick colleges based on our major, only to find out later, we are now on a path that has nothing to do with where we started.

Some roads we take are detours, whereas others feel like dead ends. Life is like a road. You know where you want to go but one wrong turn can lead you into a whole new direction and sometimes you don’t always find your way back. You find a new path and you travel to places you never imagined.

When my mom and I set out to write this book. It started with grief. I had just lost my father suddenly and unexpectedly. I was trying to figure out where I was going in life. My father was my compass and I had lost my source of direction. I had to figure it out on my own. I had to be my own discipline. My father was the glue that held me together. He encouraged me. He pushed me to limits I didn’t know I could reach and he believed in me more than I believed in myself. His death put me on a path that I never would have expected.

Writing a book was never on my radar. I never even considered myself a good writer. My mom and I accomplished something we never thought we could or even thought of doing. We never wrote a book before. All we had to rely on were our instincts. We learned as we went. We didn’t let our lack of knowledge or inexperience stop us from pursuing this.

I think it starts with a vision. We saw it, we knew where we wanted to take it and we went for it. We did not let others change our vision. It was our story to tell and we were the only ones who knew how we wanted it to end. Never let anyone tell you how your story should end because it’s your story to tell.

Ultimately, I never would have thought my mom and I would find a new purpose for our lives. A new direction. A new life. A new path.

By: Olivia Sain Co-Founder of iBRAND Next Gen, LLC

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